In the spring of 2013 I was asked if I’d be willing to dive into a completely new (to me) hobby and assist with selling an estate’s beloved antiques and collectibles. I jumped right into this unknown world and loved everything from digging through boxes and piles in a dusty attic to researching the history behind and falling in love with unique pieces.

I chose to help sell the estate items by opening a shop on Ruby Lane called Boeske House. The shop’s name combines both the estate owner (Mrs. Boeske) and my own name (Kristin House). Mrs. Boeske was a vibrant and eccentric woman who took pride and pleasure in collecting unique vintage pieces and antiques including art, books, clocks, dolls, figurines, furniture, kitchenware, toys, Asian pieces and more. Each member of the Boeske family (now all deceased) valued their various collections and believed it was important to understand and love the items before selling them… which is what I have spent time doing. Through research, I’ve been able to understand the history of the various pieces. My hope is that the items from the collection will find a new home with enthusiasts who will appreciate and enjoy them as much as Mrs. Boeske did.

Many life changes have taken place since the Ruby Lane shop opened. My husband and I had a baby, purchased a new house, and I was offered a new job – my “day job” is a high school counselor. Life’s happenings have forced me to close and reopen the shop a couple of times; however, each time I’m away from the task of searching through, researching, listing, and selling the vintage and antique collectibles… I long for it more!

Over the summer of 2016 I created an Instagram account (@boeskehouse) to allow others to follow my adventures and finds. As I plan reopen my shop for the last time (because I’m now committing to maintaining it even through life’s changes), likely the spring of 2017, I’ve decided to expand followers through the world of blogging. I hope you’ll join me on this journey!

Visit Boeske House’s Ruby Lane Shop (reopening soon)


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