Saturday Morning Research Postponed by a Toddler

It’s currently 6:33am on a Saturday morning… my eyes popped open and I sleepily reached over to check the time on my phone at 6:11am. What am I doing awake? First off, I’m a school counselor at the local high school which forces me to the be an early riser because, despite all the research about how adolescents would benefit from later start times and more sleep, most Maine high schools still have a first bell around 7:30am. Secondly, I’m 23.5 weeks pregnant and as any of you who have been pregnant or lived with a pregnant woman know… I can’t ignore the morning pressure on my bladder! Lastly, and unfortunately, once I’m up… I’m up.


Oh hello feet… I can still see you down there! Baby #2 is growing fast!

So here I am with my cuppa coffee (in my adorable cup that was purchased at the New England Aquarium gift shop several years ago), an outdated version of Antique Trader’s Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide (I know I need the new version, but I do most of my research on the interweb anyhow), my laptop, and a crate full of antique and vintage items waiting to be discovered. All the while I’m well aware my 2 1/2 year old daughter, Lillian, might wake up any moment as she’s typically awake between 6:30 and 7:30am on the weekends.


Preparing for some morning work… or am I?

Even though I’m ready and prepared for research, I’m here writing a blog post. Procrastination? Good use of quiet time? I’m not sure and it’s a new dilemma for me since this is only my second blog post…

And there it is – the sound of running footprints upstairs, the creak of a door, and my favorite little voice calling out, “Mama!” I grab my cuppa coffee and laptop and head upstairs.

Me: “Good morning sunshine!”

Lily: “Where we going?” (currently her most popular question)

Me: “Nowhere right now, It’s too early in the morning.”

Lily: “Al’ight, want me to read a story to you and blankie?”

Me: “Absolutely!”


2 1/2 year old, Lillian

Now she’s happily “reading” her books to me as a I write just a little more.  Many of the books currently in the basket next to her are from my own childhood collection including “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” by Dr. Suess with “To Kristin, from Memere Christmas 1991” – 25 years ago! – scribed inside of it. As a side note, Lily firmly stated “don’t grab this book from me, that’s kinda rude” when I opened it up to peek at the handwritten note from my grandmother. For the record, the book was simply sitting in the basket next to her. I often find myself wondering what teenage years will be like with this one.

Regardless, my research sesh was over before it even began this morning. Here’s to hoping for another chance!


3 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Research Postponed by a Toddler

  1. Good morning! Lovely post! I’ve recently started blogging and find myself constantly scouring reader under the “Maine” tag to find bloggers in my state. Good luck to you! My husband and I are actually taking a trip to an antique mall tomorrow. I think he said it’s in Albion. Hoping to find some treasures.


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